The main swimming pool is 22 metres long and 8 metres wide; the depth varies from 1.10 metres to a maximum of 2.25 metres.


We have dedicated particular care to the esthetic appearance, preferring the mosaic design with beautiful patterns of different blue tonalities, which also respond to hygiene and maintenance requirements. A swim in our pool should immediately make you think of the clear blue waters of the coastline of Siracusa and its province, or the sandy beaches and rocky sea cliffs of Arenella of Vendicari of Pachino of Siracusa.  To enhance the sensation of being immersed in nature we preferred that the edges of our pools be in lava rock. In hot sunny days a swim in the pool can offer a delightful sense of well-being, and the 70 centimetre diving board has exactly this purpose.  The accessibility to the pools is from April1 to October 30, time extensions depend on favorable weather conditions.


Adjacent to the bigger pool described above is a smaller one with the dimensions of 4.5 metres by 3.3 and a depth of 1.64 metres.  It is a heated swimming pool, the year round, with a constant temperature of 28*c and has a strong flow of water for swimming against the current.  The jet of water and bubbles makes it a perfect Jacuzzi.  This pool is also used for physiotherapy like hydrokinetic therapy and rehabilitative therapy for the disabled.


The water of the pools is treated by a decalcification plant (bringing the water to a hardness level of 0*Fr) and automatic sterilization by UV rays, both for the water entering and exiting the water treatment plant.


In addition, the pool water is filtered by two sand removing filters, checked for PH levels and disinfected by chlorination.


Pools Handicap

Our pool is equipped with a chair ” i- swim” for access to the pool of persons with reduced mobility.

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Turkish Bath

Next to the pools is a splendid Turkish bath covered in mosaics. It is possible to use it at any time, and by alternating Turkish bath with a dip in the heated pool one can follow a truly relaxing SPA treatment.  To top it off, you can end your wellness experience with a massage, by booking one of the various massages that the Resort offers, executed by a professional masseur who operates directly in the guests’ room.

Regulation Pools and SPA