The preservation of the Resort St Agostino started with the restoration of an old homestead dating back to the early 1900s positioned near Siracusa.  It was renovated maintaining the same types of traditional forms and materials existing in the territory of Siracusa.

Materials used: the structure was built by not using cement, bonding agents or chemical products.  The plaster of the Resort St Agostino is made of crushed terracotta and natural limestone baked in wood ovens; the window and door bucks are made from natural stone coming from the Noto area and is in full Siracusan style; all of the Resort’s floors have been made with antique crushed terracotta and natural limestone enhanced by the insertion of both pitch stone and the stone of Noto ; the materials used for the outside structure  are made from  crushed terracotta and limestone mixed with yellow colored earth pigments then glazed with a lime water based turpentine additive; the paint used for the  inside walls is a lime milk base bonded with egg white and earth of colored pigments; the door and window frames are made with double insulated glass and wood frames; the roofs of the residence are made of  lamellar wooden beams covered with small bamboo canes which  respects  the building typology of the territory of Siracusa;  renewable energy sources and energy conservation

Solar thermal power:  the Resort St Agostino is equipped with the latest  solar collector system measuring 80 square metres and having a capacity of collecting  6,000 litres of hot running  water, thus furnishing 100 per cent of the Resort’s needs. The system installed inside the residence will heat the small pool and raise the temperature of the big pool during the spring and autumn seasons. Photovoltaic system: the whole structure of the Resort is equipped with a 180 kwp photovoltaic system which takes care of all the power needs of the Resort. Air conditioning system: the heating and cooling system is furnished by three new generation high performance heating pumps with low consumption and emissions. The entire electrical system at the residence is produced by photovoltaic panels, thus contributing to reducing carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere.

Energy efficiency: all of the outdoor lighting at the Resort St Agostino is furnished with LED light bulbs, and so with very low energy consumption; while all the indoor lighting is furnished with class low energy bulbs.  In addition there is an energy control unit (Ving Card) which activates or deactivates the power in the apartments by inserting a magnetic card into the control unit.

Energy efficiency: the building casing of the Resort St Agostino is such that it reduces heat dispersion to the minimum, in fact: the brickwork is with 65 cm thick limestone bricks restored with injections of hydraulic lime mortar which functions as a natural insulator; the wood roof has a 20 cm insulated ventilation system; the windows the windows and doors are made of solid oak with double glass. In case the windows or doors open there is a system which will automatically turn off the air conditioners.

Purification plant; the structure is endowed with its own water purifying system composed of microfiltration, an automatic water softener, of three UV sterilization plants, reverse osmosis, which allows us to have purified water in the apartments.