In all our flats and rooms, we had established beforehand to reach excellence, paying close attention to structure, furnishings and accessories in order to create a habitat of complete comfort which perfectly reflects Sicilian style.

Every apartment, room and space has been the result of great selection.  Every detail must reflect Sicily, especially the province of Siracusa, and must immerse every guest into the essence of our land and so it is for this reason that every room in the Resort St Agostino is different from the other, and however, far different from any room in a bed & breakfast or hotel in Siracusa.

Only by enhancing the materials and colours characteristic of the territory and province of Siracusa, could we offer a unique accommodation for those who want to stay and sleep in Siracusa.

At first, standing in front of an old Sicilian styled stone homestead from the early 1900s, we decided to preserve and utilize everything that was salvageable.  This important choice reflects our decision of exalting and remaining tied to the structural and social web in the territory of Siracusa and Sicily in general, making it our strength and the policy around which our project was developed.  Thus we have preserved architectural details representative of the functional solutions of the past in addition to everyday objects which evidence the simplicity and tradition of an experienced culture which fully respects the fruit of the land of Sicily:  for example, the wooden beams which are a feature of the ceilings in every room give a more spacious effect and permit better ventilation.  Not to mention the wood stove which was not only used for cooking but for heating as well, wood fire powered by nozzles emitting olive oil that came from the fruit of our grandfather’s oil mill.  In regards to our choices, we have preferred to select and use first class quality materials, preferably manufactured in Sicily or the province of Siracusa, whenever possible.  Even this choice was made with determination and the awareness that we have contributed to the development of the ceramic artisans rather than blacksmiths or decorators because they are able to express their mastery.  We have tried to put at our guests’ disposition a dwelling that goes well beyond the concept of a hotel\Resort, a place, a house where you are immersed in the essence of Sicily through all these traces of pure Sicilianess.  Every detail has been meticulously studied and prepared.  Every bathroom has a touch of creativity and has been splendidly designed by master ceramic artisans who by matching colours and decorations have made small pieces of artwork.  In the kitchen areas we have installed all necessary kitchen appliances, utensils and accessories to make cooking easier and aiming at satisfying comfort and functionality.  On the whole every room is cozy, well-balanced, functional and harmonious.