Nature has been generous to Siracusa and its province: the sea is crystalline, you  find rugged cliffs mixed with white sandy beaches, there are forests, fresh water rivers where ancient papyrus grows, deep canyons eroded by the flow of rivers dating back thousands of years and nature paths easily accessible and walkable.  There are also natural oasis and protected marine areas which reflect the devotion and respect for this natural richness.  There is really a wide range of options among these natural attractions for guests staying at the Resort St Agostino; you just have to have enough time to take advantage of what Siracusa and province have to offer.  All these areas are easily accessible from our Resort by travelling a few kilometers or at the most it takes 35-50 minutes since the Resort is located near the junction of the SS115 road.

THE NATURAL WILDLIFE RESERVE OF VENDICARI (47 km from the Resort between marina di Noto and Pachino).  On the south-east coast it encompasses an area of 15 hectares where we find one of the most beautiful wetland areas in Europe chosen by hundreds of different species of birds as their stopover on their migration before mating.   People go to Vendicari for BIRD-WATCHING where old Salinas, now bogs, host a variety of small fish and invertebrates which the birds feed on.  Along the perimeter of the bogs there are observation huts where you can observe birds of different sizes, species and colors.

THE PROTECTED MARINE AREA OF PLEMIRIO (16 km from the Resort, south of Siracusa, on the eastern part of the peninsula of Magdalena) on the surface of the jagged cliffs we find Mediterranean flora dominated by miniature palms, but it is in the sea that nature explodes with a variety of sea life and brilliant colors, Poseidon floating in the crystalline waters reveal a variety of fish typical of the area.  Snorkeling is a must and even guided scuba diving can be organized through diving organizations.  In this way various sea caves can be explored: the Capo, Corvine and Stalactite sea caves.  The peninsula is directly in front of Ortigia on the other side of the bay to the south and offers spectacular views. It is also a wonderful walk and the sunsets exalt the warm colours of the buildings and the city sky-line of Siracusa.  As you can see sleeping in Siracusa is not only a stopover point but a  place to stay because it is not simply a hotel.

NATURAL RESERVE OF THE CIANE RIVER (11km from the Resort  St Agostino at the gates of Siracusa)You do not have to go to Egypt to see ancient papyrus growing because the pure freshwater from the Ciane river, not far from the Resort, allows it to grow. You can go upstream by canoe to immerse yourself in its natural beauty which is beyond description.

NATUAL ORIENTED RESERVE OF CAVAGRANDE AND THE RIVER CASSIBILE (15 km to the south of the Resort) for nature lovers who like adventurer and prefer an accommodation much more special than just a simple hotel, we recommend a visit to a beach full of pebbles overlooking   the crystalline sea or else organize an excursion along the paths supervised by the forestry service which take you down step by step to the cold waters of the Cassibile river along natural pools of fresh spring waters a canyon formed through millions of years of erosion.  It is difficult to say if the landscape is more beautiful from the top of the canyon or down below with its natural waterfall, pools and lush nature, but the fact remains that Siracusa is magical in every way.

ISOLA DELLE CORRENTI & PORTOPALO DI CAPO PASSERO (60 km south of the Resort) we are at the southernmost tip of Italy even more south than Tunisia.  Here the colors are bright and the wind blows hard making rough waves break  on the small island which is situated between two seas, the Ionian and Tyrrhenian, in the Channel of Sicily.  Big fish like tuna can be found passing through this point in fact an old tuna cannery can be found there.  Because of the wind it is an ideal place for windsurfing or kite surfing, not to mention scuba diving, waterskiing, canoeing or boating.  Ideal place to leave everything behind and immerse oneself into the emotions that natural beauty of the sea offer.  In the old fishing village of Marzamemi, not too far south of the Resort, you can organize a boat ride for pleasure or go deep sea fishing.