On arrival at the Resort st Agostino there are many possible destiniations to take. Starting with a visit to the city of Siracusa which has a priceless cultural heritage, sites to see are the archaeological park which includes the greek theatre, the roman anfitheatre, the ear of dionysus, the altar of ierone, the various latomys spread throughout the territory of Siracusa, the catacombs of San Giovanni, the Eurialo castel, and the enchanting historical centre of Ortigia rich of churches, monuments, small winding alleys, colours and baroque architecture; not too far from the Resort the sea is one of the main attractions, from the rocky coastline of cliffs to the crystaline blue sea and white sandy beaches of arenella and fontane bianche, to the flat rocks of ognina, to the wilderness of Cavagrande, a natural paradise near Siracusa consisting of a natural canyon where the Cassibile river  flows creating large natural pools, not to mention cava carosello where you can find a river valley full of ancient tanneries.  Only on your arrival at the Resort will you be able to understand how enchanting and delightful sleeping in Siracusa can be.  A little further south from the Resort st Agostino you find the small but impressive town of Noto which was declared part of the world cultural heritage by the UNESCO, also known as the garden of stone because of its unique baroque architectrure.  It is full of churches and palaces made even more prescious by its nearby beaches of Eloro, Calamosche and the natural reserve of Vendicari.  The natural river reserve of the fonte ciane is not so far from the Resort well-known for the natural papyrus growing along its banks. We recommend all our guests to also visit the small villages of Palazzolo, Buccheri and Buscemi in the hilly areas where time seems to have stood still. Not far from the Resort is the beautiful city of Catania famous for its university, shopping areas and the etna vulcano.  Every place is rich in things to see, to do and things to eat.

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