Resort St Agostino is a “Bike Hotel” which has adhered to a touristic bike project pertaining to the “CICLOTURISTA BIKE HOTEL NETWORK SIBIT-MEDINBIKE”.


At Resort St Agostino we have provided our guests with space for the accommodation of bikes in order for them to be able to see and appreciate the territory of Siracusa.  In addition, the presence of an experienced “bike tutor” will be able to provide basic information regarding: assistance, routes, renting, reparations, and cycling tracks. The “bike tutor” will also highlight sites of cultural and scenic importance which are compatible with cycling mobility.

From our Resort in Siracusa you will be able to travel many routes in the territory of Siracusa which give you the opportunity to explore landscapes and places of natural and historical importance, like the North-South coastal route of 110 km, which winds down along the coast of Siracusa and Province, among patches of crystalline sea, beaches of white sand similar to the Caribbean, jagged and soft cliffs just above sea level. Sleeping in Siracusa has never been easier, the Resort offers all our guests the possibility of doing the “Ancient Greek” route which starts in Siracusa and ends in Palazzolo Acreide where you can find a small Greek theater as evidence of Greek civilization.  Palazzolo Acreide was also declared a world heritage site in 2002 because of its Baroque architecture.  It is situated in the Iblei Mountains not far from the Anapo valley and the rupestral Necropolis of Pantalica, which can be visited by making a small detour on the original track on the way to Noto, “the Baroque Capital” not far from Siracusa.  Noto was declared a World Heritage site by the UNESCO, as well as the Noto valley; the Sea-Baroque route brings you onto the Isola delle Correnti route and the Natural Parks route.

The Resort collaborates with FREE-CYCLING, cycling tourism and bike rentals in Sicily and is therefore able to furnish all its guests with city bikes, mountain bikes or racing bikes. In order to help you plan and organize your vacation on two wheels a cycling guide can be provided on request (prices and services can be found in the following link).